Finish Something Difficult




I used a loophole (thank goodness for backdating) to keep my sanity, but I still finished 31 posts in under 45 days. You guys. I’m so freaking thrilled. Although… I may never blog again after […]

Avoiding Extremes



I recently met a man who I believe to be a man prone to extreme living. He told me a story about how when he initially moved to New York City he spent an entire year eating pretty much ONLY Shake Shack burgers. After a year, he was thoroughly […]

Make No Apologies

Ron Burgundy Costume


I hate Halloween skanks. I hate skanks in general, but girls that go out of their way to dress especially skanky for Halloween irritate me to no end. I was kinda sorta OK with it in Miami because everyone dresses like a skank all the time and the weather […]

Find Loopholes



So in case you guys haven’t noticed…. I didn’t finish my 31 day challenge in October. At first I got really upset with myself. Then I got really angry. Then I found a loophole.

OK, so I didn’t do 31 posts in 31 days… but guess what. That’s […]

Hand-Me-Down Therapy



My favorite place to shop is in my mom’s closet. My mom’s got impeccable taste. One of the beautiful things about being just about the same height as her is that I get to borrow/steal her clothes and shoes all the time. I’d say about 30% of my closet […]


Celebration Balloons


My hell month is OFFICIALLY OVER as of today! Time to sit back, sip on a whiskey ginger, and enjoy HalloWIN weekend. And also to celebrate my lovely Jamie’s day of birth! It’s gonna be a redonkulous weekend of shenanigans. I’m so ready for it.

I like to […]

Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude List


Everyone has bad days. Everyone has days where they just want to take their lunchroom tray and hack at someone’s neck with the thin bit till the blood flows. (If you know where that reference is from, I send you lots of cyberwinks and digilove.)

On particularly rough days […]




Holy crap, you guys. I finally have a real website. UPGRADE!

It may not be perfect, but I was reminded at the Blogcademy that you can’t sit around waiting for the perfect website. It’s better to have something over nothing. And even though this website is FAR from […]

The Blogcademy, B*tches



Last weekend was pure blogtastic bliss. I spent two jam packed days under the wings of the oh-so-fabulous Gala Darling, Kat Williams, & Shauna Haider at The Blogcademy. What did I do there? I gained a truckload of valuable information, met inspiring women from all over the world, and spent […]

Bask in Praise



The best thing I’ve done for myself all year was to find a writer I love, stalk the crap out of her, and frantically grab at opportunities to meet her in the flesh. Enter my love affair with the glorious Gala Darling. I fell in love with her fashion […]